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Photos and videos of the Critérium de Céligny 2023 

Conditions and guidelines


1 photo or video = CHF 10

2 photos or videos = CHF 20

3 photos  or videos = CHF 25

4 photos or videos = CHF 30

5-10 photos or videos = CHF 35

Maximum 10 photos or videos per order, independent of the photographer.

Please note: For Romain's videos, all photo extractions from the same video represent a single photo. You will receive the extracted photos plus the corresponding video for the price of one photo.


  1. Click on the album of your choice

  2. Locate the photos/videos that are of your interest and note their number (file name)

  3. Once you have made your selection, fill in the attached form and note the number(s) of the photo(s) in the text field of the photographers concerned.

  4. The photos/videos will be sent to you upon receipt of payment by Twint or IBAN on the account mentioned in the form on the right.

Photos and videos order Form

Twint: +41 79 596 37 89


Stefan Nerlich

1298 Céligny

CH84 0022 8228 1158 6440 F

Merci pour votre commande

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