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General information

The Criterium de Céligny is a popular cycling race for all levels from 7 years old, reserved for non-licensees. It will take place on Sunday October 1st, 2023 in Céligny and will take place on roads closed to traffic.


The Criterium de Céligny offers the following race categories:

  • U10, years of birth 2014 to 2017

  • U13, years of birth 2011 to 2013

  • U15, years of birth 2009 to 2010

  • U18, years of birth 2006 to 2008

  • Adults, birth years 2005 and before

All races are gender mixed, but a separate classification will be made for girls and boys. 

The adult races offer three different distances of 15km, 30km and 45km. A timed agility parcours is part of the U10 and U13 categories and will be added to the total race time.

Registration, bib number and timing chip

The registration is taken into account only when the registration fee is paid.

The absence at the start, the delay or the abandonment does not give rise to any reimbursement of the registration fee.

On-site registration is possible for an additional CHF 5.00 per registration for adult categories.

The distribution of bibs takes place on the day of the race, from 8:00 a.m., on the starting site, but at the latest 45 minutes before the start of the race category in which the participant is registered. .

During the race, each participant wears the bib according to the instructions given during the delivery by the race staff.

The timing chip given with the bib must be returned to the organization at the end of the race in the place provided for this purpose. If a participant does not return the chip on the day of the race, he or she has the option of returning it to the timing company at his or her own expense. Any chip lost or not returned will be invoiced.

Classification, withdrawals and claims & protests

Participants will set off by category, on a loop of 2.5 km for the U10s, 2.5 km for the U13s and U15s, and 3.7 km for the U18s and adults, to cover the number of times defined for each category according to the schedule. defined.

Rankings will be established for girls/women and boys/men, for each age category.

The first three in each category will be rewarded at the prize giving ceremony which will take place at the end of each race.

If a participant wishes or must abandon before having finished his or her race, he or she will announce it to the race staff on the course.

The time and the official classification displayed by the timing company being authentic, no complaint or protest from a participant concerning his classification or his race time will be tolerated.

Bikes and equipment

The Criterium de Céligny is a cycling race open to all types of bikes. However, the topography of the tracks lends itself more to Gravel, Cyclocross and MTB. Electric bikes, tandems and recumbent bikes are prohibited. Participants are responsible for their bike. It must be in good working order and have adequate equipment to repair a possible puncture. Wearing a helmet is mandatory.

Insurance, security and liability

The practice of cycling in general and competitive cycling in particular constitutes a physical activity presenting risks. Each participant who registers is aware that he or she will be riding on mixed terrain with alternating dirt, gravel and asphalt roads and will be required to ride in a group.

During the race, participants must comply with the safety instructions and instructions of the race marshals.

By registering, participants confirm that they are covered by civil liability insurance which would cover them for any damages they may cause as part of their participation in the event as well as the exclusion of any liability of the organizer and all persons or entities participating in the organization, including volunteers for damages of any kind. By registering, the participant agrees not to launch any legal action against the organization for any reason related to its participation in the event.

Each participant is required to be in control of its equipment at all times. The organization declines all responsibility in the event of theft or loss of equipment at the race site.

Medical assistance

Medical assistance in accordance with the requirements of the authorities will be present at the race site. By registering, the participants nevertheless confirm that they have the level of training necessary to perform the race in their respective category and that they are in good physical shape. Medical assistance is entitled to ask any participant to withdraw from the event if its physical condition is deemed incompatible with the continuation of the race.


Participants must treat other competitors and race personnel with respect and must comply with the instructions of the race marshals.

It is strictly forbidden to leave waste (paper, plastic, glass bottles, etc.) around the event area.

The organizer reserves the right to disqualify participants who do not respect these rules of conduct.

Image rights

Participants agree to give permission to the organization to use their image for the purpose of promoting the event. The photos and videos that will be taken during the even may be used free of charge on any type of promotional media, whether on the Internet, social networks or on any other type of media. If one of the participants is not in favour of this clause, he or she must inform the organizer in writing no later than 10 days before the event is held.

Cancellation of the event

If for any reason, or in the event of force majeure, the organization is forced to cancel the event within two weeks preceding the race, the registration fees of the participant will be reimbursed up to 80 % of the registration amount.

Personal data

The personal data of the participants will be processed and stored in accordance with the legal provisions.

Compliance with the terms of the regulations

By registering, each participant confirms having read the entirety of these rules and tacitly undertakes to respect them in full. He or she agrees to waive any recourse against the organizer.

The legal venue is Geneva.


If deemed necessary, the organizing committee of the event reserves the right to modify these regulations at any time and without prior announcement.

Rules version: May 2023

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